Brooding chicks and turkey poults together?


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May 16, 2011
The blackhead issue aside, can I brood 1 week old turkeys with 2 week old chicks and 1 week old guineas? I currently have a large fish pond acting as a brooder with the 6 chicks and 3 guineas in it. I was hoping to just add the blue slate turkey poults (3) to the mix. There is alot of space in the brooder.

Thanks for your advice!

Just to clarify, the large fish pond is just a really big plastic container that you could use in your landscape to build a fish pond.
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I'm no expert on turkeys,...I do chickens,..but my neighbor does turkeys,.....he swears you cant let caged turkeys feet hit the ground when they are young,..or they'll fall ill. Seems like they are very prone to sickness and disease much easier than chickens,..I know he experiences a high mortality rate sometimes too with the turkey broods.

Just thinking,..I'd probably want to keep 'em seperate so nothing spreads if anyone gets sick,..or gets parasites,..etc. The very turkeys are far more expensive too, i'd baby them and make sure they had their own range.

I suppose if ya didn't do it for very long it'd be ok,..but I wouldn't keep them together much over 3-4 weeks.

lol,..I know not much expert advice here,....
I have never raised turkeys myself, but my dear friend who introduced me to chickens broods turkeys with her chickens all the time. The only problem you might run into is with the turkeys stealing food from the smaller birds because of how huge they get. It's funny to watch them together because they look like Godzilla next to the chicks.

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