Broody 3 month pullet?


Aug 10, 2016
Hi everyone, firstly thanks for all the advice and pics you all give. I've only just registered but for years I've been using this site for tips so thanks!

Yesterday I just got myself a lovely 3 month partridge silkie hen. She seems pretty alert, eyes bright, nothing too out of the ordinary. But she seems to love sitting on top of her food bowl and seems to be acting like she's broody! Her wings are out and her body is quite flat. I've got some pics to help - first is of her sitting on her food bowl. The second is me just pushing her slightly so you can see the bowl under her. Is it possible for such a young pullet to go broody?

On a slightly different note, she does like to nap, a lot (photo 3). It's adorable, but just want to make sure you guys think it's normal thanks in advance!!
Some of your photos didn't show up. Most silkies don't sexually mature until after 6 months, so it's highly unlikely she's broody. Does she have a roost, she might just like sitting in a bowl as it's similar to a nest.

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