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I have a Belgian D'Uccle, she is the BEST momma, however, she is brrody almost constantly, each time she goes, i give her a couple chicks, she shows them the ways of the world, protects them, teaches them, scares off all the other curious hens in the flock, she started laying about 9 weeks after last mothering chicks (the chicks are now 13 weeks old) then she quit, then i see her setting and sitting on the other hens eggs..........

I dont have much space left for any more babies, also, i cant have her broody 5 or 6 times a year! She is a bantam, so she isnt going to end up in the pot. Is there something i can do other than take her out of the nesting box 6 times a day to break her? Is breaking the broodiness a little cruel, i.e. mess with her head? Is it healthier to suck it up and let he go through her process?

I am not one that is too bothered about blocking her out of the nest, i just dont want to drive her nuts in the process of stopping broodiness

I gotta silkie that does the same thing. Broody all the time, she lays a week worth of eggs and broody again. some are just like that. We tried several different ways to break her with out success. she finally decides that enough is enough and gives up on hatching shavings
IDK what to tell ya. just had to laugh
You could always send her to my house!

If you want to break them, place her in an all wire cage with just food and water. The air will help cool her "hot bottom". I never break my broodies, because its such a rare occasion!
Hens were originally genetically programmed to lay a clutch of eggs (6-12), set, hatch and raise them, and repeat the process. Through selection man has created a bird which can lay non-stop (production breeds). Bantam breeds have not been "messed with" in that regard. She is only doing what is completely normal to her. You can try the wire cage method of breaking her broodiness. Many would love to have your problem.
i am sure they would! I dont really see it as a huge problem, i just dont want to buy chicks everytime she gets broody! I am thinking of building a smaller coop for her, letting her do her thing, raising chicks until they are 12 weeks old and selling them.

I didnt know the 6-12 eggs, raises and repeat factoid, i think its kind of cool that i have a bird with such "natural" behaviors
My lovely Goldie Hen is outside (Frosty) against the fence, broody again.....has laid maybe 20 eggs since she first started to lay at about 7 months and is broody for the 4th time in her 15 month life.

NOTHING apart from eggs seems to work....I love chicks....but chicks in Novemeber in mountainous Wales....very cold.....don't know.....but I have purchased her some eggs (What a fool I am)....

Maybe s[raying her with icy water would work, but I LOVE my chooks and think this is rather a cruel thing to eggs again then.

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