Broody 8 Month Old Ameraucana - Will she continue this habit?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by MyTMo, Feb 1, 2015.

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    This is my 1st experience with a broody hen. She, "Flappy" gave my heart a whirl when I went into their open run and she was no where to be found. The ladies had made a lot of noise a bit earlier, I checked on them but didn't see anything out of the normal. But searching for her in their coop I couldn't find her! I searched the back side of their run but no Flappy. I was so sad, I truly thought she was gone. Then I see a beautiful blue egg sitting on the ground. Looking a little closer. Who do I see hiding in the ivy with 3 eggs under her, sweet Flappy. Jeesh, my heart was in my stomach at this point. I was so relieved finding her and her eggs. We hadn't had an egg from her for several days and I was becoming concerned. Now this explains it all!
    My question is this - will she continue this habit even after I break her this time? Does this mean she is a broody hen? Or is it just a term used when they are actually in the act? Thanks for listening and for sharing your knowledge.
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    They are broody when they desire to set and incubate eggs. It is not a 'habit' - it is hormonally controlled/dictated. She will most likely continue to have broody spells throughout your lifetime. I have had hens that would go broody and raise chicks four or five times a year.

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