Broody Again after hatching chicks in May???

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  1. erinsbigsister

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    May 16, 2007
    My sweet hen hatched all 8 of her eggs last May, only to have some nasty creature dig it's way into the barn and eat everyone at two weeks old (they were SO cute!).
    The predator also ate 3 older chicks I had purchased, leaving me with my Momma hen, one older chick, and one rooster. A few weeks ago, my rooster went missing permanently. I wish I could remember just how long ago that was!
    Anyway - we went out of town last week, and I told my husband that if he didn't feel like collecting eggs, I didn't care. I came back and checked the nest box to find nothing. I noticed two nights ago that Momma hen didn't come to roost on the porch for the night and I didn't see her in the morning.
    Finally, today I went looking for her to find her snuggled up to the outside of the barn (hidden in a bush) and sitting on a whole pile of eggs.
    I have no idea if these eggs could be fertile and am very tempted to leave them under her (instead of switching them out for fertile eggs from my neighbor).
    I would just love to have chicks from this fabulous Momma and my poor dead Roo.

    1.) Has anyone had such a broody chicken before? Do you think it's because she was allowed to pile up the eggs?

    2.) Does anyone think there's a chance these eggs are fertile? Should I candle? I usually take a total hands-off approach and have never checked my eggs...resulting in all of them hatching both times (no duds).


    3.) If anyone is close to Augusta, ME area and wants to give me some neat-o fertile eggs to slide under her, that'd be fine with me!

    ****4.) I think I'm going to have to figure out how to move her to a safer spot!!!*******
  2. Matt A NC

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    Feb 22, 2007
    Morganton, NC
    I would definately move her since you have confirmed predator problems.

    I have a standard Orp hen that will be a momma for the 2nd time this year by the end of the week. I have heard of hens that have raised 3 or more broods in a single year. Some of my bantams would do this if I let them. A couple girls lay no more then a dozen eggs and go broody again. I just can't let all of them set. I would be over flowing with chicks.

    Since you don't know how long the Roo has been gone, I would candle her eggs at 10-14 days. If they are infertile you can replace with fresh fertile eggs. I won't hurt her to set a couple extra weeks. Just make sure she is coming off every day to eat, drink, and relieve herself.

  3. erinsbigsister

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    May 16, 2007
    Thanks, Matt - that's what I'll do!

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