Broody again? Can I stick my ready for lockdown eggs under her?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by elieugene6, Sep 28, 2010.

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    Ok, so who ever said that red sex links don't go broody or rarely go broody never met mine. She is old, like 5yrs or more. So maybe they save it all up for the end part of their life? She started being broody this spring and no matter what I tried she would go back. She was broody for at least 2 months before I was able to get her some local eggs. She then sat on them for another 20 days, they hatched a day early. So after they hatched, 2 little jersey giant chicks, she raised them up until a couple weeks ago when she decided she was all done with them. So she started laying about 2 weeks ago and today I went in and there she was in the nest, each time I went in. Sometimes it takes a while for her to lay. So I figure that must be it. I go in tonight to put my bantam cochins on their roost (long story) and she is still in the nest. Everyone else is roosting so just to see what happens I take the golf ball from the next nest and stick it in front of her in the nest. Dontcha know she looks at it and then pushes it under her. Man not again and now its getting close to winter. I live in ny its cold. I want to get her off that nest as quick as possible. However last time nothing would break her, I even got her some day old chicks and put under her, she didn't want them.

    So next question. If she is still in the nest in the morning would I be able to stick my eggs under her for lockdown? They have to start lockdown tomorrow afternoon. Do you think it would work or is it too soon, I know that they sometimes will get off the nest to eat and poop but normally don't near the end. Will I screw it up if I put them under her? Help please. It would save me some trouble as I have a staggered hatch so I wouldn't need the other bator.
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    I've done it with good results, but not all hens will take chicks that hatch that "early" so if you decide to do it be sure to monitor closely.

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