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    So I have this hen who is about 9 months old. She went broody a few months ago, and we didn't have a rooster at the time so I gave her some fertile eggs I had bought. She did a wonderful job, and she had an 80% hatch rate (I had about 40% in the house with the same eggs -- divided them in half, put half under the broody & half in the bator).

    Olga started acting weird yesterday, and I had the feeling she was about to get broody. Well, lo and behold, I had to take her off the nest manually today and take her egg AND the egg she stole from the barred rock, who laid in the nest next to her. And of course she yelled at me and pecked at my hand when I took the eggs and pulled her off the nest. She went right back in and sat down on an empty nest and spread out in typical broody fashion.

    Well we are obviously going to be needing eggs again. ::sigh::

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    I'm so glad you aren't into "breaking" broody hens!

    I'll bring some for you this weekend. LF or bantam "designer" eggs?
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    Nov 6, 2009
    I have a broody Game heen too.

    I think though that my BCMs are adding to her nest. Just came in from moving her.

    I found one hen with her, picked her up and moved her out and she dropping an egg walking away. I ran in with it and dropped in in the floor. Second one I've dropped in a week.

    I went back out to move her and another had laid an egg. Not sure which one since they were all warm.

    I can't see into the BCM eggs, so have no idea how long they've been there. I found a developed egg sitting out cold though. I put it back, but may have been out since yesterday afternoon.

    I was wondering why I was getting fewer BCMs in the boxes.

    I just hope she hatches something and then I'll probably have to put the rest in the bator.

    Someone in this flock better start cooperating correctly.

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