Broody Australorp with Scaley Leg Mites

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    So my black Australorp went broody and hatched two chicks, and she is a great mother. But sitting on eggs for three weeks caused her Scaley leg mites to come back (treated for them a few months ago) and now they are really bad. Last night I did her first treatment of soaking them in soapwater and then slathering them with Vaseline. I'm just concerned about her chicks. Will the scaley leg mites be a problem for them? I can't see a way around the Vaseline making nesting messy, unless I use that Ivermectin. How long will she raise the chicks before she starts laying eggs again? Maybe the Ivermectin is the way to go, if we are not eating eggs from her right now?

    The strange thing is, this is her second bout of the mites, and none of my other chickens have ever gotten them. Are Australorps more inclined to get these? She's my only Australorp.

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    Our broody Australorp has a slight case of leg mites as well. I have read they are slow to spread among chickens. Which must be true because our other Australorp has had them for months. Every time we think it's gone it comes back. We dip their legs in cooking oil a few times/week.

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