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    Hello everyone! :)
    I want to hatch eggs from some of my show quality bantams next year, but don't want to set them under one of my SQ hens. I don't even want to try messing with an incubator, so I want to set them under a broody if I can have one available.
    I'm looking for suggestions for bantam breeds that often go broody.
    My requirements:
    • Must be a relatively easy breed to find and purchase
    • MUST be cold hardy, winters are unforgiving here
    • Preferably easy to handle, and docile around other bantam breeds
    • Doesn't require too much extra care, I.E grooming, etc
    It doesn't matter if the breed can free range or not, all my bantams are kept in enclosed coops and run 24/7 due to predator presence.

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    Sep 25, 2015
    Cochin bantam.Fairly broody,Do great in cold weather,and are usually quite common.
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