Broody Bantam Hen 5 months old

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    Mar 8, 2013
    Hi Everyone,

    OK, we're getting nervous. One of our Bantam hens has been broody for 10 days. She's laying on two eggs. Sometimes the other Bantam hen will lie with her. We're not sure if each of them laid an egg or not. The hens look exactly alike. We've left the nest alone in the coop with the rest of the flock, but have fixed another place for mom and her two babies once they hatch. She is very fussy and kind of growls and the hair rises up on her head if you get too close. None of the other chicks seem to bother her at all. They just go in and look every once in a while. Mother hen will get off her nest about twice a day to go out and see what's going on. This whole thing is just so cute. We're anxious to candle the eggs when she's off the nest. Is that ok to do? Does anyone out there have advice for us since I we are newbies at this? How long should we keep the hen and her babies away from the rest of the flock? And what about care for the babies like food, water, that kind of thing? We're assuming to do exactly what we did when we received my shipment of two day old chicks, right? Thanks for any information you can send our way. Pictures will be posted when the big event happens. By the way, from all our 13 chicks that are five months old we are getting about eight to twelve eggs every other day. We are sharing with everyone in the neighborhood and farmers market. Look forward to hearing from all you experts out there.

    Thanks a bunch,
    Tom and Linda

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