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    This question has probably been answered before but this is my first post & I'm new to being a chicken owner.
    I have a beautiful silkie who has just started to lay in the past 2 weeks. I think she may be broody because she hasn't moved from her nesting box from this morning (she laid an egg). Whilst watching her this afternoon she was collecting the plastic eggs and pushing them under her. We do not have a rooster & it is not possible to put fertilised eggs under her. What else can I do? Can I pick her up and put her out with the other hens and close the nesting roost?

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    Welcome to BYC! It is rare, but not unheard off for a hen to go broody within weeks of laying her first eggs. I got caught out a few years ago by a sneaky new layer that hid and hatched her first 12 eggs! If you don't want her to hatch eggs for you, the most effective broody breaking method that I know off is to put her in a wire bottom cage with nothing but food and water for a few days.
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