Broody begging for babies!


9 Years
Mar 11, 2010
I've got a beautiful Silkie (Boo) that's virtually always broody (when she's not my chochin takes her turn). I only have 3 hens, the other is a sexlink. Boo has been off and on being broody for over 6 months now and no matter how many times I break her she's determined & she's not yet a year old. I found some chicks locally that are "guaranteed to be hens" and come in tomorrow. I plan to put them under her at night & keep a close eye on her and the chicks as I've read but was wondering what to feed the chicks once they're here since the other hens will still have some access to it. I was also wondering if the chicks will have a hard time getting in and out of the coop since it's raised about 2 feet with a ramp. We're only in it for the eggs, so we don't have any roos & I'm betting they'll end up with 2 mamas since the cochin seems to want to be a mama too. Any extra advise would be very welcome!


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Jul 17, 2009
Chick starter is best. It won't hurt the hens to have some, but you may want to put it where only the chicks can get it, since it is so much more expensive than regular feed. I keep mine in a parakeet cage that has the door open. The chicks can hop in and out, but the hens have to keep their beaks off!


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Mar 2, 2010
Haha, hi there..I just posted on a very similar topic over in Chick Raising. I slipped my 4 babies under last night! I thought both my girls were broody-I only have 2- and one decided (*perfect timing*) she was not broody anymore and was on the roost last night. Well my broody girl (Tiny) is being a good mommy, but she lets Dot peck those babies hard so I had to separate them
Make sure you keep a close I because I have a feeling if I wasn't watching one of those babies would have ended up breakfast.

As far as feeding them goes (I am a newb so hopefully someone more experienced can chime in) but I think with so few chickies you'd be fine getting the Non-medicated chick starter, if you can find it, and providing the older ladies with some oyster shell on the side then everyone can eat it. Good luck when your babies arrive!! Its kinda of stressful...I've been a nervous wreck, LOL.


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Sep 9, 2009
Olympia, WA
I just give them all gamebird 22% and I'm sure flock raiser would work just as well. The chicks really shouldn't have layer, it doesn't have the protien they need to grow and it contains way too much calcium for their little bodies. If you do switch to gamebird or flock raiser make sure to put oyster shell out free choice so your layers can meet their calcium needs (it's cheep) and get crumbles not pellets. Also, make sure to make your waterer chick proof by putting marbles or clean rocks in the tray, you would be amazed at how little water it takes for them to drown themselves. Enjoy the new fuzzy butts!

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