Broody Behaviours?

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    Howdy all,

    firstly I am sorry if this all sounds silly.

    So I am fostering a chicken chick (3-4 weeks old now?) who was surrendered to a rescue, probably looking to adopt. Not sure if she was incubated artificially. so my first question is, can chickens loose broody behaviors if incubated? I know all my quails were incubated and show no broody habits at all. :(

    If not then I was thinking (since she looks like to be a Buff Orpington), if she turns out to be broody, can I place quail eggs for her to sit on, and if they hatch can they learn the brooding behavior? (also I don't have other chickens at the moment, only quail)


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    The broodiness is genetic. How she has been reared will not have a major impact on her capacity to be broody. I would think she would be too large to incubate delicate little quail eggs.
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    I agree.

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