Broody Bellies or???

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    Apr 10, 2009
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    My Houdan is STILL broody - going on Week #3
    But the down & feathers on her belly are growing back so I am hopeful she is coming out of it.

    My question concerns 2 of her "sisters " - 1 Delaware & 1 Black Star also picked themselves bare when Misty(Houdan) first went broody.
    Before Misty started gluing herself to a nestbox I worried about mites/lice so I inspected each hen throroughly.
    Nada [​IMG]

    Now - 3 weeks later - Misty is still hogging the nestbox and shrieking at everyone but as long as she gets off to eat & drink and ramble a bit I'm letting her be.
    The other 2 are not showing any of the same broody behavior and most of their feathers have grown back, but their bellies are still bald as grocerystore hens.

    I keep checking for vermin - which has made me persona non grata with them - but still no sign of any infestation.
    Just in case, I swept all old shavings off the floor of the coop, dusted with Sevin and replaced with fresh shavings.

    Why the still-nekkid bellies?
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    You nailed it on the head...It appears she has rubbed all those belly feathers off while being broody. They wont grow back in until she goes through a molt, and if the heat up there is anything like down here that wont be too long. I got a majority of my birds starting to molt..(LOL Just in time for state fair showing..UGH!)

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