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    Sep 15, 2011
    one hen had about 15 bitties, and one day three something got in and killed all but 5. So this hen is super protective of them. I have another hen trying to go broody with about a dozen eggs. Could I pen The mother with the 5 bitties in a broody pen with the hen and eggs? If not Can I leave the mother and bitties out side (in a pen) and trust that they'll live?
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    If the Mama Hen and the broody get along well I see no reason why you couldn't keep them together. I don't see them being very safe in a pen (vs. a coop), but I don't know your set-up.
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    No, if something already got them, you're just making it easier I'm afraid, You need to fortify where you have them else all of them will be gone...a broody hen on a nest is an easy target, along with the rest of them...last night I was late locking the coop and a fox came tearing out and ran into my leg...prob 2 seconds later he would have had a chicken.
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    Sep 15, 2011
    Ok so I quarantined the mother and bitties, but stil two full nest boxes and still no mother taking care of them. Some eggs are up to a week old

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