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Jun 8, 2008
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My mother felt bad for the lowest ranked Black Star pullet we have, so she took her in. The day after she brought her home, the chicken laid an egg and is sitting on it. Typical broody posture, gets off once a day to eat, poop and drink, walk around a bit and settling back down to business.

This is our (and her) first broody experience and we certainly weren't expecting a hybrid (!!) to display any broody behavior. DH has always remarked what a clean, neat chicken she is, arranging her nest so nice, never pooping in it like the other chickens, acting upset whenever we take her egg from her.

Mom has the hen in her house in an old rabbit hutch so keeping mama and eggs and chicks warm is not an issue. The the rooster (our 4 yr old partridge cochin) has serviced her, so the eggs will be fertile.

We know it's the "wrong time of year" for a broody hen, but she's just so determined to sit on this egg that Mom thought that she would give her a chance to hatch it.

Any tips for broody management of hybrids and broody tips in general? I've read Storey's Guide so I know the advice that that book gives.

I've had broody hybrids who were never supposed to go broody and they do the job just fine. Her instincts tell her just what to do. I'd give her a few more eggs in case the one she is sitting on doesn't make it.

I have a Brahma who has gone broody by an outside wall and I have not been able to persuade her it's a bad idea, so I have bought her some eggs. I don't hold out too much hope with my hen, but yours sounds well placed.

Make sure your girl has easy access to food and water. Maybe candle eggs when she is off the nest to feed etc.

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We'd LOVE to but Mother and hen are 150 miles south of us! We both work and we wouldn't be able to get eggs to her until the weekend and she's already setting.

Next spring, I'll send a batch of fertile eggs down to her for Henrietta Blackbird (the hen) to hatch.

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