Broody blocked from nest

Chicks Galore3

Artistic Bird Nut
11 Years
Dec 16, 2011
I am so kicking myself right now. I have a broody sebright with eggs on day 16. She is in a nesting box that is penned off from the rest. Twice a day, she will get off and pace around her pen until she is let out for a minute or two, where she runs around, eats, drinks, poops, and goes back to the nest. This morning, I let her out, covered the pen to keep other chickens out, and then forgot to put broody back in. I remembered just now, ran out, and found broody pacing furiously to get back in to her eggs. She was off the nest for 3 hours. I touched the eggs, and they felt room temperature. (The temp outside is 80 degrees, probably slightly cooler in the coop.) Do you think any chicks will survive?

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