Broody brahma


9 Years
Jan 22, 2011
One of my brahma hens has gone broody but its been going on now for just over a month! I take her out everyday to make sure she's getting food and water. She's not laying, sitting on nothing and sleeping in her nesting box. Just wondering how much longer this will go on? I recently bought 2 chicks, crazy thought but wondered if I let her see the chicks she might get over it and think she's a mama now!


9 Years
Jul 15, 2010
Glenfield, ny
I hope somebody else with more knowledge replies, but from what I understand, she may take to them. I think you could try putting them under her at night or early morning before light, but make sure you watch carefully! Especially the first hour to make sure she takes to them. I should ask, how old are the chicks? If they are under a week old it may work, if they are much older than that I'm not sure I would try it. As far as breaking her of her broodiness there are a lot of different ideas. Some say putting ice packs under her will help discourage her. Also moving her to an isolated pen with hardware cloth under her so she can't get that nice warm hatching temp under her butt may help. I'm not sure how long it can go on, but I guess it can be white a while. I have not had one do that yet. I hope this helps, and I hope someone else pipes in but if not, I would search the forums for similar topics and find some more detailed answers. Good luck!
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