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    how do I know if my free range chickens are laying somewhere and hiding the eggs to go try to sit on them later on, I know my OE Hens go broody often.. but what about my OE mixed with the non broody breed PBR? heres a run down on why I am asking..

    Strange question, I know. But let me tell you why I am asking. I have ten Hens that are all over six months old. 7 that I know are laying. A couple months ago, they started roosting in the rafters of my goat stall. Just out of the blue one day every single hen stopped going into the coop. (the coop was well managed and cleaned and very secure so that no predators could get in.) I know that my pure bread PBRs (3 of them) would still go back in the coop to lay but only to lay and eat and get water.

    2 of my hens are Wheaten OEGs. Granny stays broody all the time, and if she lays an egg somewhere and you pick it up.. she finds a hiding spot and starts laying somewhere secretive. I can NOT tell you how many piles of unfertilized eggs we've found over the last year. We have another wheaten hen, that if she lays.. i've never saw evidence of it. I have two wheaten/Dominique mixes that also go off to lay. one has went missing for weeks on end before so I know atleast she is broody. Not sure about the other wheaten/dominque if she's laying and hiding too.

    Then we have three wheaten/PBR mixes.. IDK if they are gonna go broody or not. I know our pure PBRs are not broody at all. SOrry for all the rambling.. let me get to why i am asking such a crazy question. Did alot of research on this site as to how to pretty much retrain my hens to go back to the coop at night. I left them in there for 3 weeks-to a month. Didn't let them out at all unless it was to clean the coop and they were in a large dog kennel with hood while we did that. That entire month, we would only get one maybe two eggs per week.. DEF came from my pure PBRs. very large brown eggs. I figured they had been in there enough time..

    so decided to let them start free ranging again. The very first day I let them out.. GUESS WHAT? Again.. not a SINGLE hen came back to the coop. straight back to the Goat stall rafters again. and this time.. they started laying some eggs in the goats' hay trough. One plymouth still goes in the coop to lay. they've been out of the coop about a week.. yesterday, I had SEVEN eggs in the hay trough. how did i get seven eggs in one day.. and only got that number in an entire month in the coops. today, only two eggs in all and they were in the trough. I'm so confused. I know OEG tend to go broody.. Do they tend to go broody even if bred with non broody breeds such as PRB. Am I going to have to go on an Easter Egg hunt every day to find my eggs? I went on an egg hunt today with my 3 year old and found a stash of 30 eggs. (old) in my tool shed.. Looked like they were from 3 different hens. who knows how long they'd been there. Please help

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