Broody Buff Orphington Never started laying again

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  1. iammamoo

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    Dec 5, 2011
    Hi there. We have a Buff Orphington (I believe) who is 2 years+. We adopted her from some people who were moving. VERY large pretty chicken. She was our best layer laying pretty brown eggs. She layed one last egg and got "broody" and wouldn't come out of the nesting boxes (even though she wasn't actually sitting on any eggs). We isolated her in her own cage to keep her out of the boxes for several days. This solved the broody problem, but she hasn't laid an egg since. This was late spring. Any suggestions? Might she be done laying?

  2. aoxa

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    I've been wondering this myself lately. Just broke a broody hen on Friday, and she hasn't started laying again yet. Wondering what is the average time it takes to get back to laying..

    Mine is younger than your girl. Second year hens have a harder time keeping up with production through winter.
  3. J&J's Girls

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    Nov 26, 2011
    We haven't had our girls long enough to answer your question, sorry, and in fact have a similar question to post to the crowd. Our BR is healthy and eating well, she was becoming a consistant layer. We introduced a new hen to our 2 girls and since that night she stopped laying. Our Red is still laying away, even with 6in+ of snow and temps in the 20's. Could the BR be stressed? Has not laid for 4 straight days. There is no real pecking and they all seem happy and content with each other. The new hen is not laying yet does this have anything to do with the BR's issue? Thanks everyone.
    Saw a comment yesterday that said "Are chickens on egg strike?" I'm now wondering!
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    Oct 7, 2011
    Generally, I have been told, 2 years is the over the hill for hens in regards to egg laying which is why most egg sellers cull their flocks and start anew at 2 years. Egg production for the average hen is at its peak at one year and it goes down from there and seeing that it is now winter, she may not lay until spring. If she is broody, hold on to her or sell her on Craigslist. I have been trying to find a broody hen for two years now, the large utility birds are hard to find broody. Give her some time and maybe some extra calcium but she just might go broody again before she starts laying.

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