Broody Buster Variation

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    I am 3 for 3 on this technique! I have had broody hens on and off for the past 4 months, and they had been driving me as well as the other hens crazy. The Silkies have always snapped out of it after a few weeks, but my Cochin and Brahma Buff were at it for close to 2 months. I didn't really want to purchase a wire bottom cage, and I couldn't ask my husband to build yet another thing for my chickens. So, I decided to try putting them in a pet carrier and bring them into the house for a few days. My thinking was that maybe being in the a/c for a while might accomplish the same as the suspended broody buster cage.

    I first brought Spike, the Bantam Brahma Buff, into the house for 3 days. She had water and food in the pet carrier with her at all times. My 7-year old daughter also read to her for hours on end (probably not a necessary part of the therapy) and my 10-year old son slept on the floor next to her so she "wouldn't be afraid" (again, probably not necessary). I would let her out for exercise several times a day with the other chickens, but would not let her in the coop. On the 3rd day, she was no longer running for the nesting box - she was cured!

    I then decided to do the same with the Chip, the Bantam Cochin. After close to 2 months of broodiness, she was again sane after 2 days.

    Finally, my black Silkie, Dynamite, who has been broody on and off all summer was the next in the carrier. After only a day and a half, she was no longer running for the nesting boxes. I had read a post by one woman that she puts a fan under her suspended broody buster cages, so I also put a small desk top fan blowing into the pet carrier for the last 2 hens. Not certain it helped, but they did snap out of it quite quick.

    I keep the house at 78 degrees during the day and 75 at night - so not very cold. The outside temps have been in the 90's here lately, so it is quite a difference.
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    cool thanks now i know

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