Broody but still laying? How do I make her stop?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by macmama, May 12, 2010.

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    Apr 9, 2010
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    My Buff Orps are only 7 months old, but one of them became broody 3 days ago. She has still been laying eggs every day, but she won't get off of the nest box until I throw her out-- and she just gets right back in. (Plus she's making this strange sound and puffing up her feathers while attacking my hand-- I've never seen broody before but I assume this is it) How do I make her stop? I read about giving her a clutch of ice cubes... tried that, and she just sat on them anyway until they melted. Now that my 3 layers are done laying for the day I just removed the nest box until tomorrow to see if that helps. I wasn't expecting this so early-- she's only been laying for about 6 weeks. Any suggestions? I'd give her fertile eggs but it's going to be over 100 degrees here soon, and that doesn't seem like a great time to raise chicks.
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    A wire bottomed cage with no bedding is your best bet. A cool draft on the underside seems to snap them out of being broody. Leave her in the cage for a few days and then return her to her house. If she returns to the nesting box immediately then put her back in broody jail for a couple more days. Rinse and repeat until she breaks out of her cycle.

    Another thing to remember is to collect eggs as often as possible. Something about the sight of multiple eggs seems to trigger the broody thing.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for asking my question..[​IMG] Good info
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    100 degrees would be nice lol just sit the eggs outside and they will hatch the momma hen will take good car of the eggs or chicks no matter what the whether its been rainy cold and wet here and my hen is taking excellent care of her baby chick and they dont even sleep in the coop at night they just nest in a plant beside 1 of the building so if my hen can hatch eggs in this weather i think youres should be fine in youre weather if you get some fertile eggs
    temp suggestions for incubators are
    STILL AIR:101
    so youre hen will have a very easy time hatching her eggs
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    Gilbert AZ
    Thanks guys-- removing the nest box seemed to help a bit-- she's walking around with the others, though still fluffed up and irritable. I'll try the wire cage next. As far as the temp.-- I'm sure it's great for incubating eggs, but I'd hate to be a tiny chick in the 110 degree summers we have around here... I feel bad enough for our hens. I might freeze water in some milk jugs and lay them around the coop like we did for our bunnies.

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