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I had to put my broody amerucana in a broody cage. It is a wire dog kennel. I have her in the pen with the other chickens, they were hanging around her, now they are doing their chicken things. Do I leave her there at night, or do I let her out and let her go into the coop with the other girls? She does not look happy, and I feel terrible! I had to leave the plastic bottom in it because her feet kept falling through, but I do have it set up on some blocks to try and get some air flow under her. Did I do this right?
yeah, that sounds right....u can leave her in there over night as long as she protected from rain, etc.,. I'm sure she isnt happy, but she will get over it and when she stops being broody she can join the others again.
About how long will she have to stay in there? One to three days? I will have to let her out in the morning so I can rinse off the bottom of the kennel, I am hoping she will not run straight to the coop and get back in the nest box! I think this is going to be harder on me than it will be on her!!!
ive heared three days usually does it, more or less depending on the chickens and situation. Also, since broodiness is somewhat tied to their high body heat, if u know any other ways u can help lower it back to normal, it might help.....u said u were making sure there was air flow from the bottom so thats good.
I had to let her out of the kennel last night because I thought she was going to kill herself. All the hens went into the coop to go to bed and my Goldie went crazy. I thought one of the dogs had got into the pen and had her she was making so much noise, she was throwing herself aganist the kennel and just going crazy. So, I took her out and put her in the coop, she got up on the roost with the other hens, and she was fine. This morning she was out walking around, eating her scratch, and I thought great she may have been cured of being broody! But a little while ago she was back in the nest box so I put her back in the kennel. I hope I am doing the right thing, my husband thinks that she may need to lay an egg, but I just don't know. Would it be easier on her tonight if I put the kennel in the coop so she can be in there with the other hens? Or maybe cover it with a towel like you do a parrot at night? Any suggestions would be helpful and very much appreciated!
I had to keep my broody hen in "solitary" for about a week. I also dipped her in cool water every day (holding her there for about 5 minutes). She didn't seem to mind all that much, but was happy to be with the rest of the flock. Good luck.
I am new to all of this.... Can I ask why you need to separate a broody hen from the flock? Is it because they don't lay eggs when they are broody and might encourage the others to do the same? Hope that doesn't sound stupid, it was the only reason I could think of!
My broody hen was capitalizing the nesting box and not letting anyone else in to lay their eggs. I moved her nearby up on blocks to let the air underneath to "chill her out". No, they typically don't lay when broody.

No such things as stupid questions. That's the only way we can learn in my opinion.
This is day 3 with my broody hen. I let her out of her broody cage last night to roost with the other girls. This morning she was back in the nest box. So back to the broody cage she went! I let her out for a little while to strech her legs and take a dirt bath, and when I went out of the pen she tried to go back into the coop to the nest box, so you can guess where she is now! I am almost ready to dunk her in some water. How does that work? Do I dunk her whole body, or just her belly? How many times do I do that? Thank you for all your help and advice, sorry about all these questions!
I held my hen in the water "waist deep" (her's not mine
) for about 5 minutes a day. I guess the water was just up under her wings. The object is to get her body temp down. I wouldn't do cold water but cool. After her bath, she would go back into solitary. It took about a week's worth of baths. It comes down to will power, who's got the stronger will? Best of luck. Let us know how it goes!

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