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Apr 22, 2015
I was in need of suggestions when BYC was still down and was directed by BYC to go to BYH. Now that BYC is back up I ask of the fine people here to scan through the thread here and give any other thoughts and/or suggestions you may.

If you have no more then no worry. I don't think there is anything elese that can be done at this point.

Thank you for your time and God Bless
Are you sure you didn't see any lice?Try checking under the vent.If you are having a hard time giving her water via syringe i would cup some vitamin water in my hands and dip her beak in it.
I have check her throughly, twice. I will check again tho. She is drinking electrolyte/vitamin water starting today. Thats never been an issue. Just won't eat. We typically have the red lice. Never seen any others. The red ones are real easy to see. She also is not preening(?) like she would if she had a lice issue. And had been dusting the last 2 weeks in a area that I have DE mixed in the soil.

ps. DE is not the issue or all chickens would be doing the same thing. They all dust in that 6x10is area.
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I'm sorry, you said lice. I do not know what they look like. Her vent area is basically bald. But like I said I will look her over again. Is there something I can do in case she does have lice that I am not seeing. Something that will kill them outright? Do you know anything about poultry protector. Can I spray that on her - will it kill lice also?

Sorry, trying to make up kratom caps for my pain while dealing with research on my girl Also really need to start wearing my glasses. Reading throughly not scanning.
Ok, what can I dope her with, everyone? She does appear to have something light in color really really small. Re: lice. didn't see anything that looked like lice egg sacks or the red scaly/scabby skin. No irritation of any kind. Her skin looks rather good and healthy. Oh it wasn't the typical red mites I usually see. Now the question. Are they mites or baby lice? And what can I do. I should probably do something for the kids too.

I looked over video to see what I was looking for. I am seeing none of that. Also in the video the lice were very visible. These that I saw were very very small. So either baby lice or mites. I did dust her as throughly as I could with DE but I need to find something I can give everyone. And the youngest chicks will be 3 weeks next sunday. I hope I didn't do DE to much because that can cause real issues also.

Would that prevent her from eating. She didn't really look like she had that many. But I am blind even with my glasses. I wish she would keep dusting herself also...
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Last questions. Is there anything I can put in everyones water including chicks that will treat mites? maybe even it possible lice? Thoughts on Moxidectin?

At this point I don't care about being able to eat eggs or even being organic... (is that the right word)
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Thank you! I hope the op is still on. I'm not certain what was given. I have no idea what to suggest as meds if it could be external parasites. Different meds with the US.

I think the package is 113.4 grams, so one needs 0.89 grams per gallon. One teaspoon of almost all poultry powders will weigh 2.5 to 3.3 grams, but some will be a little less or a little more.

Here are the powders I have weighed:
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