broody chicken behavior translation help please


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May 27, 2014
We bought some Bantham chicks.Had them inside for a few weeks.They got feathers and were ready to go outside. I have a sex link hen. I knew they are have very strong mothering instincts, and she had been sitting on some eggs that were not fertalized ( two of them had popped) . So I took her and put her and the Bantam chicks into a small coop that we put babies and mommys in so they are protected from predators until they are bigger. The sex link was immediately protective over them and started clucking. The bantham chicks were kind of leary of her but didnt run when she sat down beside them for the night. This morning when I went to feed them the sexlink was pecking AT the chicks when they went to eat. I saw her do theis several times and I booted her out, but..she is still clucking like mommy hens do to there chicks every time I go to feed the chicks and she hears them chirping..Did I do the right thing?? was she teaching them something and I misinterpreted it? We have had chickens for two years or so. This is the first time ive tried this. Im sure someone on here has done this before. I just want to know if im messing things up.

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Generally sex links and other high production types do not go broody. If they did, they won't lay again till they finish. Personally I wouldn't leave the chicks with her again.
She may be a wishy/washy broody - that doesn't want to fully commit.

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