Broody chicken. Fertilized or not.

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    Apr 10, 2014
    Ok so my girls started laying for the first time this week! Yay! Anyhow we picked up the first two eggs yesterday and of course she has another today. But today she seems to be going broody. She walked out of the coop for on a couple minutes then back to her egg. I would like to have her hatch some chicks. And I know our rooster was busy with a lot of the girls ( even though he's half their size lol) so anyways my question is I'm not sure if they are fertilized or not. Do I let them sit anyway? Should I let her keep collecting her eggs and check one in a few days? If they aren't fertile can we put them in the fridge to eat or will they be no good after being sat on for days? I'm new to all this so any advice would be appreciated . Thanks!
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    Aug 10, 2013
    Sometimes a pullets wires get mixed up and they seem like they want to sit that egg forever. I never trust a new layer to do the job but am all for allowing them to prove me wrong

    Here is what I would do.. Get some fake eggs or golf balls and let her sit those, continue to remove her eggs, open one up and check for fertility, if your rooster has been covering the hens chances are they are fertile.
    A broody hen will lay her clutch and then stop laying to incubate and hatch those eggs, if she is serious you will know it, she will growl, fluff up and lay flat on the fake eggs, if she stays on the nest for 48 hours (day and night) then I would give her the eggs I have gathered and see what happens... Note, being so young she may or may not set them I wouldn't get emotionally invested in a successful hatch but rather just approach it with a we shall see attitude.
    As we speak I have a 6 mo old pullet who laid eggs daily for a month, she is sitting on 8 eggs, she was a bear for a week and quit laying, I have removed her from the coop into a little run all to herself beside the main coop, she can see and hear the flock and they can see her. I gave her eight eggs and she is now on day 3... Like I said above, I am skeptical she will finish the job but so far is doing great, gets up once a day to eat drink and poop and goes right back to her clutch.
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