Broody chicken hatching duck eggs?

Welsh Ducky

Sep 6, 2016
NC Asheville
Seven days ago I noticed my chicken, Peggy, wasn't outside scratching in the dirt and chasing after grass hopers with her sisters, so I looked around a bit and found her in a nesting box sitting on top of chicken eggs. I don't have a rooster so the eggs she was setting on were infertile. None of my hens were supposed to be broody so I was surprised to find her sitting on the eggs and hissing at me when I came too close :confused:. I felt bad that she didn't have any fertile chicken eggs to sit on and she was obviously determined to hatch some chicks because she wouldn't move from the spot, so I gave her 3 of my fertile duck eggs. Five days later I dicided to give her 3 more duck eggs. Now she is setting on 6 duck eggs, 3 have been incubating for five days and 3 have been incubating for two days. Now I realize it was a bad idea to add new ones in and not mark the old ones. One day later I candled all of them and 2 had obvious vains and 1 had little veins. The other three all don't have veins so I'm guessing those are the new ones that I put in. My question is will me chicken keep sitting on the remaining eggs after the first two hatch? And will she take care of the ducklings? :fl
She has faithfully been sitting on the eggs every day and I make sure she comes out for food and water...and poop (beware the broody poop) just want to make sure this will work out.
No, they haven't hatched yet but I just wanted to make sure she'd take care of them. Thanks for the speedy reply. :D These are the two eggs I was talking about. Not the best pictures sorry. The third picture you can't really tell there is veins but there is a start of them.
I'll keep updating with more pictures untill they hatch.


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Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I haven't been putting up any pictures because my camera's bad and I can't get good lighting to see the ducklings or the veins. The two ducklings have gotten huge, they fill up almost the whole egg. The third one is just a bit smaller. I'm expecting the ducklings to be hatching in about four days. I'll take some pictures of the babies when they hatch.
First duckling! One more hatched with this one but momma doesn't want to move. :love:wee:yesss: Sorry, my Papas arm is in the way.


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