Broody chicken in a Canadian winter....


12 Years
Nov 7, 2007
Okay one of my new " mama" broody hens an EE has decided that January seems like a good month to hatch out some chicks . This is her 2nd time around in being broody ...the last time was during the summer months, The first time ( and she's doing it again ) she was getting kicked out of the nesting box and she then move to another box that had eggs and lay on them totally forgeting about the " golfball" or as in the summer the eggs she was faithfully laying on ... I have sat down and explained to her that its actually winter...and just because all the snow has melted and its warm outside we will certinly get a blast of cold weather AGAIn ....she started getting broody when we had -15 C temps....My coop is all opened up now so everyone is mingling together for the winter ...I have one heat light down low because I bought some Silkie eggs late fall for another broody hen to hatch out ...couldnt resist these darling's .I have it low for them to get warm and keep the water unfrozen for them to drink ...the 10 week old chicks dont lay under the light anymore and are off fending for themselves in the coop ....wondering if I should try placing a small plastic dog carrier close to the heat lamp and place mama and water/feed in the crate and give her some eggs to hatch out ?....oh decisions decisions ....the last time more than half her eggs she was laying on were squashed from other hens fighting for the same nesting box...there are 6 boxes to choose from ....

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