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    May 10, 2009
    One of the chickens wouldn't go in the coop at night, but would come around in the day, just for a short while. Then, for about a week, I did not see her at all and thought she was a gonner. Today, I found her under a tarp, nesting a clutch of eggs. Since we do not have a rooster, the eggs of course will not hatch. Should I move her back in the coop? Should I pull the eggs? Should I let her alone to do her chicken thing? The other chickens all get turned out in the day and back in the coop at night. Jennio
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    Since the eggs are not fertile, you have two choices. Either get her some fertile eggs or break her from being broody. Being broody is hard on a hen. They can take it for a while but it is best not to make it too long.

    To break her form being broody, the surest way is to put her in a wire-bottomed cage off the ground for three or four days. Give her food and water. Don't give her anything that can be used as a nest or nesting material. The wire bottom on the cage allows her undersides to cool off, which helps. If you can't keep her in a wire bottom cage, just lock her up somewhere with food and water for three of four days. It will still break her but may take a little longer.
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    I agree with Ridgerunner. No sense putting her body thru that if she's not got fertile eggs to hatch.

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