Broody Cochin - No Roo- Thinking about buying eggs for her to hatch


Pantry Brook Farm
10 Years
Jun 13, 2009
So I have a broody GL Cochin. She is 9 months and just refuses to get off our non-fertile eggs. I am just letting her do her thing and DB and DD are getting upset that she wants to be a mommy....go figure lol!

So I am thinking about buying some eggs for her to hatch. I would probably maybe keep a couple, but sell most of them.

Any ideas on breeds that have good hatching rate, are not too expensive, and would be easy to sell?

I was thinking Speckled Sussex, or just some packing peanuts from someone, but am worried packing peanuts would be hard to sell. Or EEs.

I am getting a Roo(Speckled Sussex) in a week or two, but he is only 3 months old...don't know if they are fertile at that point, and the poor girl will be setting all this time I dont know if she will still be broody.

She has been broody for going on a week now, or should I try and do something to make her get off the nest?? I leave her a wooden egg so she doesnt get so upset, otherwise she gets to squaking and puffing her feathers up.

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