Broody coop and new occupant

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    Jan 14, 2010
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    My two adult hens, a Polish bantam and a Silkie, went broody within two weeks of each other. So I needed to build something to isolate them from the rest of the flock when they hatched their chicks. I was planning to build this elaborate thing when I passed by one of the local farm implement stores and saw the perfect size crate in the "free wood" set-aside. Some 2 X 2's, a 2x4, some hardware cloth, two scrap pieces of plywood, and some ingenuity later:


    The paint is some oops paint from Wal-mart (candy apple red) and a can of "Sour Apple" spray paint I had bought last year because I liked the color. I think I need to stencil something on the front; it looks a little plain. Other than that, I'm happy how at came out. I still need to finish the roof, but I keep it covered with the tarp until then.

    I also learned some lessons to utilize when I paint the main coop. For example: Use spray paint to coat the hardware cloth, because painting with a brush causes drips. Also, using a roller is faster than a brush ( and easier on my wrists), but you need to do more coats of paint to get the proper coverage.

    This is inside the broody coop, with my Polish hen, who just moved in today.


    This is why she moved in today:


    She's still setting on two ceramic eggs, and if my co-workers' mom hatches her Silkies out as planned, the eggs will be "hatching" soon.
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    Jun 11, 2009

    and i love the coop colors!! [​IMG]
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    I LOVE IT!!!
    You need a twig and some leaves for all that apple paint. They would stencil easily.
    ...and then you get to name the babies apple names like Fiji, and Smith and Macintosh and Rosa...but not delicious, she'd have a complex.

    Now, because I SWORE I would never have a rooster and now I do, and because I SWORE I would not get any more chickens... I guess I will need to copy your broody box and prepare myself. [​IMG]
  4. I love it and your hen looks so happy! Great job! [​IMG]
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    Love the colors - those are going to be the coolest chickens on the block!
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    Your brooder made me smile.... Great job![​IMG]
  7. Awesome colors [​IMG]

    I thought a Polish hen would kill any baby she hatched [​IMG] ...?
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    [​IMG] I really love the colors!!! mite have to buy some candy apple red. LOL
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    very cute coop! Love it! Your little laced Polish is gorgeous, too! love the picture of the chicks, so cute!
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    Hi from Ga. [​IMG]

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