'Broody' Definition??

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    I have been looking for information on the different chick breeds and one of the traits listed on the different breeds is 'Broody'. The answer, depending upon the breed's characteristic is either 'yes' or 'no'.
    What does the word, 'broody' mean, and is it a good trait or bad trait for a chicken to have?
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    A hen goes broody when she is wanting to hatch some eggs and raise babies. She will spend a lot of time on the nest but won't actually lay an egg. If she has eggs under her she will stay on them until they hatch 3 weeks later. If there is no rooster and the eggs aren't fertile it won't make any difference to her. She'll sit on the eggs indefinitely. Some people like me want hens that will hatch chicks. But a lot of people just want their hens to lay eggs and not hatch babies. That's why the different breeds are listed that way.
    A hen can be difficult to break from being broody if you don't want her to hatch eggs. [​IMG]
  3. Depends if you want Broody Hens?..... If you want to put up with them? they are great.....If you don't ? They are a pain in the butt...;).......For hatching Chicks they are fantastic....I love my Hens that have hatched out for me....I have Hens with Chicks right now.....If your not wanting them and trying to break the cycle to brood ? ....You might go a little crazy?.....;)

    They get growling and will not lay eggs...They sit on eggs all day and won't move....They poop like a huge dog and stink.....Not fun unless your using them.....


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