Broody Dominique Bantam


12 Years
Jan 14, 2008
I have a Dom Bantam that has gone broody. She had 11 eggs, then abandoned them on Saturday. Today, I finally followed her to her new nest. She was already back on it, so I don't know how many eggs are there. A friend wants to lend me a bantam frizzle rooster to see what the cross looks like. This hen would have been exposed to an EE rooster until last week, when I got her sisters and the EE roo in with the flock, finally.

Here are my questions!!! Finally!!
1) Will she let the new roo breed her since she thinks she is setting fertile eggs?

2) Should I put some fertile Cochin eggs under her for now, and wait to put her with the new roo?

3) How many eggs can she handle?

4) Should I move her, or let her be? She is in a box, in the barn, so she is safe.

Thanks for helping me!! She is my first broody hen!! Wish I had a Dom bantam rooster, because I really like these little girls!



11 Years
Feb 3, 2008
Raymond, Mississippi

is a great broody information site.

If the eggs she is sitting on aren't fertile, either break her up off the nest or replace those infertile eggs with fertile ones from the other hen. As to how many she can hatch? That depends on her size. My silkie Serama bantam could just barely cover 5 little bantam eggs! I would imagine your hen is a bit larger, so my guess would be seven to nine, but that's just a guess. I hope the site info helps you as much as it helped me! Best wishes!

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