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    Feb 27, 2014
    I have 6 fertile Welsh Harlequin eggs, I ordered them off eBay. I did everything I needed to do with them since they were shipped. My first candling was on the 11th, all of my eggs had a red ring around the lower part of the egg. I am confused as to what that means cause most people classify it as they are dead and it's a blood ring, well some of them are moving around. My temp is consistent between 99-101 and humidity at 40%. Advice please?

    Also a few days after I set my eggs in the bator all three of my Pekins went broody! They take turns on the nest and seem very protective! They are set on hatching these eggs. I know Pekins aren't the best for this but why not experiment? I'm assuming they will be hatching acouple days after my welsh harlequin eggs, if they are fertile that is!
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