Broody duck just hatched one duckling - care advice?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Lbux, Jun 16, 2016.

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    Hi - I have a duck who has been broody and just hatched a duckling this morning. She has one more egg so that may hatch too. She made her nest outside, so I'm wondering how to help her care for her babies. Should I let them stay outside in this nest? Try to get them into a coop? Our existing duck coop has five other ducks in it, so I'm thinking she won't go back in there. She's firecely protective and hisses at me whenever I come near. I'm concerned about predators, but should I just leave her be? And what about food? Will she find appropriate food for her babies, or should I bring her some starter grain and a small container of water? She's nesting under a stack of leaning bicycles - not very accessible. thanks!

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    Safety first. Make sure that she and the littles are kept protected from predators. I would imagine a family of raccoons could get at her pretty easily.

    Inside her safe place, provide food and water . The water needs to be something that ducklings cannot get into and drown. I hope that @Miss Lydia and @dotknott and @learycow can offer some more details.

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    Yeah, provide food and water and if you can try to secure the nest site. This is always tough...some have found success with ½ of a dog kennel.

    I always worry with a makeshift fence that you're making it harder for the duck to escape if there was a predator.

    Once the other egg hatches or she gives up you can look ah semi permanent housing. Ideally close to the others but separate in case someone has it in for the 'lings.

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