Broody duck - Seperate from the others or no?

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    Aug 25, 2017
    Tomorrow is (by our calculations) hatch day for our first khaki Campbell eggs incubated by a broody hen! She has spent the last couple days seriously fortifying the nest and only comes out for a few minutes at a time a couple times a day.

    Unfortunately her nosey duck and chicken brothers and sisters are coming by to "visit" multiple times a day as well. The question arises - Should we close off the duck house for her for the next couple days to ensure the safety of the hatchlings? Or just let her handle protecting them from the other birds? I know ducks are super social animals so I don't want to stress her or the others by keeping them away from each other.

    The ducks regularly visit the chicken run for food/water and occasionally to lay an egg in the bottom nesting boxes of the chicken coop so I'm not worried about them being locked out of their own space for a couple days.

    Any experienced duck keepers want to weigh in?!

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    I hate the risk of loss... So I er on the side of caution. .

    I would lock the rest out, and let her have some peace.

    I would wait at least until the ducklings are a week old... and then see if reintroduction is OK.
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