Broody Duck Urged by Artificially Incubated Ducklings?

Lamar Estate

8 Years
Mar 3, 2011
St. Paul, Minnesota
You may be aware of all the drama I'm experiencing right now with this weekend's hatch. I helped 5 ducklings hatch that had internally pipped but did not externally pip for over 2 days.

My question: has anyone ever had a duck become broody by the sound of ducklings peeping?

My drake and duck are currently living inside. The incubator, hatcher, and brooder are located in the same room. Ever since the ducklings started peeping (about Wednesday inside their shells), my duck Beaker has become broody. Beaker and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's (the drake) ducklings are placed in a clear plastic tote brooder on a table above her nest box cubbyhole. She sometimes looks up at them, but then goes back inside her box to sit on her 5 eggs.

Beaker is about 7 months old. She's been laying eggs for almost 2 months now.

Anyone else experience this?

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