Broody duck?


7 Years
Feb 16, 2012
Marlborough, CT
I have two ducks and a drake at the moment, as well as two female ducklings. I found one of my ducks sitting on an egg that she had not laid yet when I'd gone out to let them out of their hut. When I came back a little later, she came out of the hut and I haven't seen her sitting on the egg since. She's almost three now, and has never sat on her eggs, although I was hoping by showing her the ducklings that something might click and she might get broody. If I want to to keep sitting, should I keep showing her the ducklings? Do you think that would help? Also, since she's not sitting right now, should I take the egg she was sitting on before it goes rotten, or should I wait to see if she'll start sitting on it again? And is there any way I can encourage her to sit? Oh, and the drake actually hatched from one of her eggs that I incubated, so if I did let her incubate some eggs, should I see about borrowing my neighbor's drake for a little while instead of letting her hatch eggs that were fertilized by her son? If I didn't, would the ducklings be weaker than if I did borrow the other drake?



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May 15, 2012
Cornwall, England
One of my duck's is like that. She laid her first 2 eggs since i've had her then didnt lay again for a few days so i took them away. When she started laying again a few days after i thought well i'll just leave them in there - if they went rotten i figured it wouldn't be too much of a big deal to me, just throw them away - i wanted to see if she decides to do anything with them like sit or anything (this was last week). Then i never saw her sit for the first 5 eggs but now she has 8, made a nest, and she was sitting in them this morning until i fed them and again most of the day but then she came off and hasn';t been on since.

I think the best thing to do is to just leave it and see what she does (only if it isn't too important that the eggs go rotten tho). You never know, within a week she may have made a nest and you could see her sittting too!

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