Broody ducks?


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Aug 3, 2021
Melbourne, Australia
Yesterday I noticed that one of my ducks was sitting on a nest of eggs from her and my other duck pretty much all day. She tried to attack me when I tried to put the eggs that had fallen off the nest. I marked the eggs when she got off. This morning the other duck was sitting so I kept an eye out and when she hopped off I raced out and marked them all. The first duck was also off the nest and when I checked she had an extra egg. I'm unsure if she's actually broody now though. She spends all morning on the nest and most of the afternoon. I'm pretty sure she slept there last night too. These 2 girls are the only girls that are old enough to lay I'm pretty sure.

I really want these girls to go broody but I'm unsure now if she is. Any advice appreciated.
When my Muscovy goes broody she makes a squeaking sound whenever you go near her. That's how I can tell she's broody.

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