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    Apr 28, 2011
    My welsh harlequins have been laying,maybe a month now, they have never laid in a nest i mean NEVER, always in the mud. I found a nest of 6 eggs in the shelter to, so i have a VERY good feeling 2 of them are going broody on me. Can i let only 1 of them intead of two sit on the eggs? I want to have 2 hens to hatch my own eggs from, and they stop laying once they go broody i hear... any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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    Are you wanting to break one and let the other stay broody? You may have a hard time breaking them. And yes, they stop laying when broody, that's when you know for sure. Ducks are primo at hiding nests, too. Good luck. One of my gals built a nest in the feeder house, taking full advantage that we built it as a top load and couldn't reach her darn eggs through the entrance holes we put in for everyone to reach the feeders!!!

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