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    I have a broody hen, she's a frizzled Cochin/Silkie cross. She's been sitting on her eggs for 13 days and all four are viable as of last night.

    This morning is the first time I've seen her off the nest (& I am sure it's just temporary, she's been a very diligent mother so far) but I noticed her feathers are taking a beating. I presume it's mostly from other hens laying eggs in her nest (I find at least two new eggs under her daily). She did have a bit of a bare back from overzealous roosters (I currently have 3 in a flock of 17, working on getting rid of at least one) but now her wing feathers are getting shredded and some are even gone.

    Is there anything I can do to help? She's brooding in the coop, I don't have any way to separate her (& I would prefer not to, I'm trying to be as hands-off in the chick department as possible).

    Here is a pic - she is frizzled, so some of what you see is normal, but she usually has feathers covering all of her body and wings, and usually her wing feathers are full feathers, just curled out.


    PS. And as I've typed this, she has returned to her eggs. I've heard both Silkies and Cochins are exceptional mothers, and she is so far living up to it!
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    I would definitely get rid of one of the roosters. Also, if she is brooding in a nest box, I would use chicken wire or something to block other hens from getting in.

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