Broody for a long time..


8 Years
Oct 7, 2011
I was excitedly telling my friend that I have a broody, and he said so does he. He doesn't have a rooster and has been taking the eggs that she gathers each day. He says he has been doing this for 2 months. Today I gave his broody 9 fertile eggs from my hens for her very own, and marked them so he won't take them from her. Now I am wondering if my friend's hen is going to be strong enough to make it through another 3 weeks. What do you think?
I agree that 11 weeks would be an awful long time to be sitting.

Could you find some day old chicks for her? That way she could move on to the next stage of mothering
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The Tractor Supply around here has quit selling chicks for the season, but I think a Southern States about 30-40 miles away will have some in June. I will look into that and look in the classifieds for some babies. Thanks.

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