Broody for nearly 3 months?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by FireTigeris, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. FireTigeris

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    I have a PQ BCM (light eggs when she lays...) that has been broody for 75+ days, she's lost weight and won't break- I was going to get her some chicks at the feed store but they are all done.

    I tried getting her dunked - That went poorly- and the wire cage -- she just went back to setting after 5 days in the wire hutch (rabbit).

    Any OTHER suggestions? Will she kill herself? She does eat and drink twice a day... but not enough each time I dumped her out of the nest she's lighter...

    I could let her hatch a couple of my eggs but I really thought she'd be done by now.

    She's setting the dummy wooded eggs that have the new hen/pullets laying in the right place- but I took those up and she moved rocks around and would set them (outside of the coop) so I had to put her back in with the wooden eggs so she wouldn't get eaten.
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    Where is she setting? In a nest box? or a cage?

    Remove or block off the nextbox or area that shes setting in..
    put her outside with the others and shut off access to where shes being broody at...
    Make her spend the day outside with the others.... shut the coop door if need be...
    Pick her up and carry her around for awhile...
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    I wish I could help but I have had 2 hens broody since June and they are so determined to hatch out babies. My only problem is that I have no where to put the broody hens away from the rest of the flock and therefore the eggs get busted or cracked. I'm sorry I can't help but I feel you pain and I have had 2 other hens hatch successfully and then 2 more join in on the broodiness. so Ihave 4 hens broody at this time. It is such an amazing thing to see but it is breaking my heart on how long they are gonna keep at it.
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    One of my 3 year old RIR hens was broody for at LEAST three months--I failed to notice exactly when she started because I didn't think it would last long. She lost weight and her comb blanched out and fell over. She came out twice a day to eat and drink and poop. Finally, she started coming out late in the afternoon when I took treats (scratch or leftovers from the kitchen). She could hear the others clucking with delight), and now she's out all day. Her comb is looking redder, and she seems none the worse for wear. I have no idea what caused her to stay in there all that time. She has never raised chicks--in fact, I didn't have a mature rooster at the time.

    Eventually the hen will give up. I hope. [​IMG]
  5. FireTigeris

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    If I close the coop there will not be anywhere for my hens to lay, if they lay where BCM can find the eggs (a covered cat box with hay) she brood there... She is broody in the coop and is out more often then she was but she is light and her comb stays pale - I'm sure she's not getting anywhere near enough water in the heat in FL.

    I can carry her around more I guess - or I can let her set two eggs, would that be enough?

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