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    This past Wednesday we were packing up to go on vacation i always set extra food and water in my pen for my birds. I checked the coop and noticed one of my hens had taken up the whole 2 nest laying area thats just one big open box. Before we left i seperated the box into 2 with a piece of plywood. We get home today my neighbor i had told to gather eggs told me ahe got 3 wednesday evening and that the hen didnt wanna move so shes setting now on 6 eggs. Should i just leave her and her eggs alone a few people are saying to mark her eggs because if not at day 21 all wont hatch. I think it's best to just leave her alone whatever hatches will and whatever dont just wont. What do yall think. Also shes in a big coop should i set her some water and food in there so she wont have to go far for it or just leave it outside in the pen. Thanks.
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    The problem with not marking them is that new eggs can be laid and you'll end up with a staggered hatch. Some chicks may hatch, and instead of leaving the nest to take care of her chicks, she'll want to still sit on eggs that may not hatch for a few days. Once you've marked the eggs she's on you can take out the new eggs.

    You can leave the food and water as it's always been while she's setting if you're going to leave her in the main coop.

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