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    SO, we have been gathering eggs for several weeks and enjoying them in our foods. Salt, which was the first to lay, has begun staying on her hole/nest most of the day, has piled leaves and feathers around her so I am assuming she has gone broody. She gets very chirpy when I come around to check for eggs. She lets me pick her up to check, though yells at me the whole time. No pecking...yet.

    We have put a wooden egg in two laying spots to encourage our girls to lay in the same place so we don't have a daily egg hunt and end up missing eggs like before. She is currently sitting on one of them. Do I let her do this? I want to make sure whatever we do is healthy for her. If allowing her to be broody is healthy, then we can do this. She does get up once a day it seems for a bit of walking and water and food.

    If we need to break her broodiness, would merely taking away her wooden egg be enough?

    Edit: Salt is Muscovy, if that information makes a difference.
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    No experience with broody ducks, but with chickens it is bad on their body to let them brood, because of lack of excersize, less food and water intake.
    EDIT: to clarify, it is not bad on their body, it just isn't as healthy as a normal chicken.
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    Hello. I destroy the nest and put my Ducks out to forage or confine the Broody to a different pen till she forgets about the nest.

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