broody girls loosing weight :0(

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    Hi, I have two batam pekins who both went broody two weeks ago and counting! If allowed they will both sit in one nesting box all day. So we have started locking them out. But now they just sit in the corner of the run all day. They are also VERY GRUMPY!!. They do scratch about for food about twice in a day but have lost weight :0( How long will this go on for?? We used to have silkies who one at a time would go broody, but they would normally stop after a week or so. Any advice??? But we cant go down the hatching chicks route. I am worrried as they loosing so much weight :0(
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    They are probably pining for their nest boxes. I currently have a broody silkie hen as we speak, and she's sitting on eggs. She refuses to move and I have to physically lift her off the nest twice a day so she can have five minutes in the garden to eat, drink and poo. Maybe just let them sit in their nests but lift them off once or twice a day. Also feed them treats to fatten them up - mealworms/sweetcorn - or put tonic/sugar in her water to boost her a bit. If you let them sit on their nests but continually take their eggs away or place dummie eggs under her, she'll get bored sooner or later surely!
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