Broody Goose, Day 27, I'm worried

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    Posted this in the goose section too, but thought maybe here would be better. Sorry for the repeat.

    So sorry if this has been covered in another thread or sticky, I can't seem to find anything.

    I'm guess maybe I'm just being a worrisome mum, but I'm worried none-the-less.

    My Seb hen is on day 27. Yesterday she started getting up and rearranging herself a lot and honking a bit. It looked a lot like what my broody chooks do when the eggs start to pip so I assumed the babies were on their way.

    Today she's been on and off the eggs and in and out of her dog house(nest box). She and the gander are separated from the rest of the flock. She has been getting up and rolling the eggs around quite a bit. Is this normal?

    Temps are lower today (in the 60s) and are forecast to go down into the 30s tonight. Will they be okay? The nest is inside the barn, but it still gets a breeze through.

    She is looking pretty bad, bless her heart. She's been getting off her nest and going out for food and water on a regular basis, but the last couple days she just seems to look even more peaked.

    Should I be concerned? Should the eggs be making obvious progress by now (ie: should I hear peeping?)

    I'm sorry if this is silly. But I don't want to loose Esther over eggs that aren't going to hatch. The last time I candled (day 19 or 20) all was well.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Goose eggs from larger breeds take longer like 35 days to hatch.
    Trust nature and be patient. Not easy I know.

    If you are worried she is not eating enough take the food to her so she does not have to get up. Water as well of course.

    They do get pretty ratty looking when broody.

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