Broody Goose - Missing Gosling

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    May 15, 2016
    Hi All
    Love this website!
    We have been raising Orpington Buff Chickens for many many years. We let the broody hens do their job and things usually go smoothly.

    3 years ago We purchased a pair of American Buff Geese. Spring of 2015 the goose went broody, the gander took up guard and they had a gosling! Pics attached. [​IMG] The Goose did her daily trip out of the house under our supervision but we never saw the gosling again. Eventually she abandonded the nest. We removed the 8 unhatched eggs and found no sign of the gosling. We figured 1st year run, 2016 will be better.

    So this year we are having a repeat of last. We saw a gosling but now 3 days later no sign at all. The geese are kept in thier own fenced pen and thier house is very very tight with 1/4" mesh wire over the window. [​IMG]We have a couple of house cats that go out after the fowl are in bed. They leave us presents of mostly mice, chipmunks, and the occasional small weasel, have never seen any rats.

    Any ideas as to where the disappearing goslings are going? Is the Gander a danger to the goslings?

    Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom
    Tom & Annie

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