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This is our 1st year dealing with geese. We usually lock the geese up at night with the ducks in the "POOP COOP" and in the daytime they have free range of the yard that is fenced in. Just in the past few days we have a goose making a nest behind our air conditioner. She lays an egg, but hasn't been sitting. Last night she didn't get locked up with the rest, but found her sitting on her nest. We made her go back in the coop because we are concerned about nighttime predators. Also we have a pot bellied pig that like eggs. If nest is left unattended he will eat them. Looking for suggestions on what to do with our goose.
Do you want her to set a clutch? If so you're going to have to create a safe place for her to do so. If no then continue to force her off the nest, take the eggs and lock her up at night. Eventually breeding season will end and she'll go back to normal.
You could make a 'pen' approximately 3'x3' with a top around her nest, then close her in it at night. She will only come off the nest once or twice a day, so you wouldn't have to leave her open for long.
This is my first year dealing with geese as well. My geese free range all day long in their private quarters which is right next to the quarters in which my pot belly pig lives. My female built her next along the fence right next to where the pig sleeps which made me feel a bit uncomfortable because my pig will bull doze anything to get to the different food sources around our property. One night, I came home and went to check on the geese and found my pot belly pig in with the geese, eating all their feed. ( I too, was worried that she either ate or crushed the goose eggs in her break away). Much to my surprise, the nest and eggs werent damaged at all and she had broke down the fence right where the nest is. My goose went broody 4 days ago and now the pig is staying on that side of the fence protecting the goose on the nest! I dont have a solution, but I wanted to share my story with you. Good luck.
Well it turns out she isn't as broody as I thought yet. She was off the nest all yesterday and no eggs were in the nest, so looks like Patrick found the nest. She also went into the coop easily last night. It would be nice if she would set on a clutch, but there has to be one for her to sit on one LOL. I was hoping they'd make nests in the coop like the ducks do. If she does decide to stay broody and make her nest outside I guess I'll end up building her something to keep Patrick out, but I was hoping she'd be able to come and go as she wanted. Patrick sure does make things more complicated.
chicksbestfriend Thanks for sharing your story. Glad your piggie didn't bother with the eggs or nest. Unfortunately Patrick has gotten a taste for eggs and that is the 1st thing he looks for in the morning. We have learned to gather eggs in duck/goose coop before allowing him out. We have given Patrick the full range of the fenced back yard so I think we may have a problem fencing off a portion of the yard for just him. I believe bacon is a good side for eggs.......
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My geese sat on the nest at night for about two weeks before they started sitting in the daytime. I have no idea how normal that might be -- my other flock never did that I was aware of (but they were free-range 24/7 by the time they started breeding. I had zero predator problems there except a single cat, and the flock always chased her off before she got anything.)

So ... She MIGHT still be on track??? I just don't know. But if the eggs go missing from her nest, she's likely to choose a new location.

As was said, you can always build a cage around her to protect her. I have yet to have a goose go broody in her own night coop myself.
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