broody goose w/leaky vent, not walking, bloody egg

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  1. shawnellabella

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    I got a nice little lady goose from a sweet young lady, I was told on the phone she was not walking and she was broody sitting on a nest. When she got here I saw she pooped and laid an egg with blood on it, which she has laid before but there was blood on this egg and it was large for her body size, she was leaking white after that, there is no hot spots at her joints on her legs or signs of bumblefoot. What is there I can do at home until I get her to the vet? What do you think could be wrong?

  2. Eggcessive

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    I would contact the lady and talk with her about it. You may be better off to return her to the woman. It could be that she has some reproductive issues that might not have a solution. I would also post on the geese thread.

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